About Bridge Health Services

Bridge Health Services is committed to improving access to mental health care, increasing mental health awareness and literacy, decreasing negative stigmas & improving mental wellness

Bridge Health Services is a woman- owned business bridging the gaps in mental health care through education by connecting individuals with support and resources needed to improve mental wellness

Our team of professionals provide a consultative review of your companies’ current policies, procedures and wellness programming specific to mental health. We develop a customized Mental Health First Aid training session based upon your unique company needs.

Attendees of MHFA trainings delivered by Bridge Health Service’s Instructors consistently applaud their level of professionalism, respect for sensitive topics and individuals, engagement, ability to make a full day’s training enjoyable, and knowledge of mental health.

Meet The Team At Bridge Health Services

“ The impact of mental illness is too great to ignore. RECOVERY from mental illness and addiction is POSSIBLE, but it can only happen if the people that NEED the help KNOW they need help and can get the HELP that they NEED.”

Bridget Swihart
Contact us today if you want to HELP your friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, employees, and community identify the mental health needs they may be experiencing and CONNECT them with the appropriate support. Contact us if you are a certified MHFA Instructor in search of one on one coaching.
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